What we offer

Merchant Pages

LetzPay onboards all three types of Merchants i.e. small, medium, and large-sized on its Payment platform. There are a number of small merchants that do not have their own cart facility on the website or do not have a website at all. For these merchants, LetzPay has introduced Merchant Pages to build and generate Merchant specific pages for Payment collections by the Merchant. Page. This feature fills the gap and Merchant’s need of having its own capability for enabling his/her customers to transact online. These pages are hosted on LetzPay’s infra and have a custom domain.

LetzPay ePOS

LetzPay enables you to generate and send SMS/Email based payment links to customers for payment collection. Invoice Based Payments is a four-step process:

  • Payment Link Generation: Merchant fills-in the form with customer details for link generation.
  • Send Payment Link: As soon as the link is generated it is sent to the customer’s Email/Mobile Number or both, as per the selection.
  • Payment Link Acceptance: The customer receives Payment Link on his/her mobile number or Email ID or both. On click, the customer is redirected to the payment page for payment.

Letz Debit

LetzPay Follow provides you with a functionality to create and manage recurring payments. Recurring payments are an automated process to charge payments from your customer as per a billing model defined by you without any intervention from the customer as the process is automated. LetzPay provides Merchants with a lite and easy process to manage recurring payments.

Letz Collect

LetzPay deep integration with NEFT, RTGS and IMPS will enable you to collect payments through alternate channels from your customers. These can be one-time payment, recurring payments and/or event-based payments.

Merchant Hosted Checkout

LetzPay Merchant Hosted Checkout provides merchants to capture payment details on its checkout page, using LetzPay’s powerful APIs, to avoid any redirection to LetzPay Payment Gateway page. LetzPay Tokenization ensures protection of user card data and minimize associated risks.